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Review: His Accidental Amish Family by Rachel J. Good

Title: His Accidental Amish Family by Rachel J. Good
Unexpected Amish Blessings Series Book Three
Publisher: Zebra Books
Genre: Contemporary, Amish, Romance
Length: 294 pages
Book Rating: B+

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In the picturesque Amish community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, life’s detours may prove the path to true happiness . . .

After a buggy accident when she was a teenager, Anna Flaud was told she would never walk again. Unwilling to be an object of pity, she put aside her dreams of marriage and found purpose as an assistant at a Community Care Center. Now she has a chance to fulfill her dearest wish—motherhood—and adopt three siblings with special needs. Yet the opportunity comes with a condition Anna isn’t sure she can meet: finding a husband.

Levi King began working at the center as penance after a careless mistake led to tragedy. Though he’s dealing with his own heartbreak, he’s drawn to Anna, cheering her on as she strives to regain her mobility. Her quiet determination, her generous heart—these are qualities to cherish in a wife. Still, Anna’s plans give him pause. Given his past, Levi hardly trusts himself to care for one child, let alone three. Yet together, perhaps they could forge a family made sturdier by all they’ve overcome . . .


His Accidental Amish Family by Rachel J. Good is a delightfully heartwarming Amish romance. This third installment in the Unexpected Amish Blessings series can be read as a standalone.

After her mother’s death, twenty-four year old Anna Flaud relocates to be closer to her cousin and aunt. She is also hoping to finally fulfill her deepest wish to walk again.  She begins therapy at the Community Care Center and she is soon making progress under the watchful eye of Levi King. Anna has a specific reason for working so hard but what will she do if her plans fall through?

Anna is a determined young woman with a strong personality. She is initially a little irritating as she tries to push herself too hard during therapy.  Anna enjoys spending time in Levi’s company but she remains fixated on a promise she made several years earlier. Once she achieves her goal, Anna nervously confronts her unresolved past. But will the meeting lead to the future she has dreamed of?

Levi has devoted himself to caring for others due to a tragic childhood mistake. In addition to working at the Community Care Center, he also teaches classes at the fire department and he is trained as an EMT. Levi has not given much thought to settling down, but he is quite smitten with Anna. He maintains a professional distance, but Levi is still disappointed when he jumps to an erroneous conclusion.

Levi and Anna are wonderful young adults who have both experienced their fair share of tragedy. They both shoulder the guilt for their respective mistakes and they help each other view their pasts through a more forgiving lens. Anna’s conviction about her future holds her back from acting on her growing feelings for Levi. As Levi’s situation at home unexpectedly changes, he gives more thought to settling down, but he is afraid of repeating past mistakes.

His Accidental Amish Family is a charming love story with appealing characters and unique storyline. The issues that both Anna and Levi are dealing with are realistic and easy relate to.  Anna and Levi are well-drawn characters with all too human failings and relatable strengths.  The romance element is understated and grows naturally from Anna and Levi’s friendship.  Rachel J. Good brings this captivating romance to a sigh-worthy conclusion. Fans of Amish romances will enjoy this latest addition to the Amish Blessings series.

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